Electrical enclosure industry and civil

Electrical enclosure used to house electrical equipment like Aptomat, breakers, transformers, transformers, electricity meters, controllers, ... etc in the factory as well as civil engineering. Electrical enclosure is designed and manufactured according to industrial standards, also commonly known as industrial electrical enclosure. Common enclosure type rectangular, with 1 or 2 layers of wings, front mounted meter power indicator, signal lights, dashboard, display ...
Artwork: Industrial Power Enclosure
Electrical enclosure is one of the integral parts of the industrial and consumer products such as power stations, factories, buildings, hospitals, airports, ... makes operation easy and power system protection Managing safety devices enhance equipment life and safety for the operator and for the electrical system.

Electrical enclosure usually have the following categories:

1 / Enclosure indoor power: with the base, set on the floor or wall.
2 / Outdoor Enclosure: with high base set in the background, or an ear hanging on poles, roof slope water.
3 / Enclosures special power: using materials resistant to corrosion (stainless steel), a waterproof gasket, ... upon request.

Enclosures electrical characteristics:

+ Material: black powder coated Ton.
+ Dimensions height: 800 ÷ 2200mm.
+ Dimensions width: 500mm or more.
+ Dimensions depth: 250 ÷ 1000mm.
+ Material thickness: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm.
+ Colour: Enclosure lumpy gray powder coated.
+ Other requirements: glass, two layers of petals, base, hanging ears, slope water, prevent against loss, ...