Power Distribution Cabinet

The range of  HC distribution switchgear provides a complete and integrated offer of monobloc metalwork structures and kit systems for main and sub low voltage distribution switchgear, which satisfy all plant requirements depending on the type of installation, degree of protection required, and electrical and mechanical characteristics.

Starting from simple assembly kits, the HC switchgear allows numerous switchgear onfigurations:
  • For Power Center type main distribution, with a prevalence of air circuit-breaker and moulded-case circuit-breakers and any internal segregations up to Form 4.
  • For floor/wall-mounted secondary distribution, equipped with moulded-case and modular circuit-breakers.

Power distribution cabinet is an indispensable part of any industrial or civil, from power plants to substations, transmission systems distribute electricity to consumers.

It is used as a place for the installation and protection of electrical switchgear and control devices, where power distribution connectors for the project, to ensure isolation of the equipment charged to electricity consumers in the during operation.

Power distributive cabinets are used in low voltage networks and is the most important component in the power distribution network. Electrical cabinets are installed in the electrical room of the total industrial buildings such as factories, industrial buildings, commercial centers, office buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, ports, airports ...