offset voltage cabinets

Offset voltage cabinets

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Automatic voltage compensation cabinet HC is used for 3-phase 400V power grids - which uses 50Hz improve power quality and improve the coefficient cosφ, power loss reduction, power consumption reduction, reduced pressure drop , increasing load current capability of cables and carrying capacity of the transformer.


- The cabinet is designed to be installed indoors or outdoors.
- Frame cabinets are made of thick iron sheet structure certainly.
- The entire frame, ribs, the outside of the cabinet is powder coating against corrosion and erosion of environmental protection.
- The structure of the cabinet with two doors, front door serves for inspection, monitoring and operational activities of the cabinets, doors after service of the installation, periodic maintenance.
- The front door has two layers: The outer layer is intended to prevent rain and sun and other environmental impacts. Used as layers in panel electrical panel.
- From outside the cabinet can monitor the operational status of the cabinet through the glass / transparent mica.
- Cables to the cabinet from the bottom up or top down under the groove and the cable hole has been fixed to prevent rain water may enter the cabinet.