Station Waste Water Treatment Plant Kim Sen Activities

Plant waste & waste water includes a lot of solid waste, waste water and odor. In which wastewater has considerable pollution levels that is most characteristic levels of organic matter and minerals, proteins, fats and carbonates high turbidity, total solids and microorganisms high.

High levels of organic matter in the wastewater is a favorable environment for the growth of microorganisms, including pathogenic bacteria, and when poured into the receiving water will pollute the waterways. Therefore, there must be measures to wastewater treatment prior to discharge into the receiving water. Wastewater from the operating workshops: this is pretty heavy contamination of wastewater, waste emits rich in minerals, proteins and microorganisms. Sanitary sewage machinery, factory equipment and other sources of pollutants include inorganic impurities, dissolved organic matter and microorganisms. With the integrated nature of the waste water as on the method of anaerobic biological treatment combined with biological membranes and aerobic treatment using activated sludge treatment method is highly efficient and reduce operating costs of stations and high reliability.

From the factory, the water under the gravity canals of sewage system in the pump pit, before the waste water into the sewage sump pump through automated garbage separator to separate solid waste from water, garbage waste such as aluminum foam, grease, domestic waste .... Due to the characteristics of the waste water plant viscosity, high suspended solids and pH changes. Therefore, the need to reduce viscosity, suspended solids and pH adjustment of wastewater before it enters the building blocks for biological treatment. Waste water from gathering will be pumped through the oil separators and sedimentation. After reducing viscosity, suspended solids and pH is adjusted accordingly, sewage submersible pumps will be placed in an air-conditioned 01 pumped anaerobic treatment tank Anaerobic FILTER. Treated waste water will flow through the anaerobic tank AO block, then through the vertical distribution of water clarifier through the central tube, this kind of tank allows reducing tank size matching the size and space of the station.

Due to prioritize the sewage input and output requirements as above, after the water will flow through the sedimentation tank into the intermediate tank 06 and then is pumped through the filtration system to ensure stable output and standard.

Based on the characteristics of the waste water plant and technology requirements HAHUCO with professional engineering team has designed and installed the system in operation 1 safely reach the standards ISO 6492: 1999 (ISO 10 523: 1994)