Intelligent automated curtains opens

Scientists at the University of California (USA) has developed a smart curtains can move in response to light, allowing it to close after dark and opens in the morning.

First, the researchers coated carbon nanotubes laminated onto a polycarbonate plastic film to create a material that can move when you see the light.

Intelligent self-closing curtains or open with light

According to lead researcher Ali Javey, associate professor of computer science and electrical engineering at the University of California, in a snap, the nanotubes absorb light, converting it into heat and push it onto the surface of the heat polycarbonate membrane. When exposed to heat, the plastic membrane expansion, while the nano class still maintain the status quo, making the material is bent.

Associate Professor Javey said the advantages of the new material is that it is easy to produce and very sensitive to low light intensity. "A glance is enough to spark a reaction. We envision smart buildings and energy savings in the future, including, the curtains made from new materials can automatically close or open in the daytime, "he cited.

In addition, other potential applications of the new technology also includes motor-operated light and robot move towards the light or away from the light.