The first words on behalf of the Company Limited Construction - Commercial and Services Hai Hung, send greetings and wishes of good health to our customers!

As we all know, the modern construction projects are gradually changing the face of all the country, in parallel with that of the electrical panels, cable tray gradually appear anywhere and become a integral part of the work!

In addition to the products of traditional identities, Construction Company Limited - Trading And Services Hai Hung also a professional contractor in the field of design and construction in the field of industrial electric and automation systems. We offer our customers diversified choices in all fields of civil, industrial and factory. Right from the very beginning of establishment, we always identify the strengths and step up efforts to become a company leading electrical construction. Trust and commitment of dedicated staff with professional support services, contributing advanced to meet the specific requirements of each project. We always provide our customers with superior product quality, economic efficiency, safety, schedule.

With the combination of management and technical personnel, Ltd. Construction - Services & Trading Hai Hung gives customers complete projects with greater control capabilities, low cost create better progress effective. Based on experience, the existing financial resources and modern equipment, HAHUCO confidence is a trusted partner to bring satisfaction to customers in domestic and international. All products Construction Company Limited - Trading And Services Hai Hung processed, manufactured under strict monitoring procedures, ensure required quality and progress of works. Modern CNC system by the mechanical engineer of the Construction Company Limited - Trading And Services Hai Hung directly install the oven configuration for the electrical cabinet to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer! From Kiosk station cabinets, control cabinets, cabinets counters, industrial lighting electrical cabinet to the electrical cabinet various sizes for residential use ....
Pleased to partner with our customers to:
"Jointly developed - Connection successful!"