power distribution cabinets ac dc

Power distribution cabinets AC, DC

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AC power distribution cabinets, our DC is designed to meet all the power stations to 110 kV. Used in the transmission stations and power distribution.

Tủ điện phân phối xoay chiều AC, một chiều DC

* Design:

- The cabinet is designed to meet the electrical parameters, the device is arranged inside the cabinet to facilitate the installation, connection.

- The cabinet frame is made of 2 mm thick sheet steel, powder coated.

- Frame is made to facilitate the assembly, operation and expansion connector.

* Materials and equipment:

Equipment used in the cabinet: Protection relays, intermediate relays, display measurement devices and other accessories. The main equipment used by the company with brands such as: ABB, Schneider, Simens .....

* Specifications

+ The main bar: 200A (With AC distribution panel)

+ The main bar: 100A (With DC distribution cabinet)

+ Field under short circuit in the main bus bar: 100kA

+ Rated voltage: 380VAC, 50 - 60Hz (With AC distribution panel)

+ Rated voltage: 220VDC (With DC distribution cabinet)

+ Insulation Voltage: 1kV

+ Standards: IEC-255, IEC 61850

+ Level of protection: IP41

Frame cabinet + 2 mm thick steel, powder coated

+ Design cabinet size requirements.

* Standard size:

+ Height (mm): 2200

+ Width (mm): 800, 900, 1000

+ Depth (mm): 800