open rack cabinet 42u  folding frame format standard u

Open Rack cabinet 42U (folding frame format standard U)

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Tiêu chuẩn Fits 19-in. rack-mount equipment, matches industry standards
Tải trọng 42 EIA Universal / Load rating: 400Kg
Tính năng mở rộng 2-Post Open Frame Rack / Side rails are tapped on both sides
Kích thước (mm) 1990x540x410 mm

​- Open Rack cabinet 42U
- Frame format 1.5-2.0mm U standards; L100x60 soles, 03mm
- Warranty 12 months

• System and tripod bracket is designed to be simple, omit the unnecessary parts while ensuring consistency and reliability.
• Design allows installation of standard equipment. Allowing easy manipulation with the cable management bar, equipment maintenance advantages.
• Easy to assemble and disassemble during transport, low cost.
• Can be bolted directly to the floor.
• The optional accessories as required (cable management slot, KVM, switches ...).
• How flexible packaging allows convenient export warehousing, supply to users quickly.
• Many sizes available 27U, 32U, 36U, 42U and 45U.
• Can be designed according to customer requirements.

Standards and materials:
• ISO9001: 2010
• 19 "corresponding to IEC 297-1
• Dimensions according to IEC 297-2.
• Main material: SPCC cold rolled steel or steel EG
• Thickness: Frame: 2.0mm; beams under: 2.0mm, hinged roof: 1.5mm.
• Degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, powder coated.
- System fan (Optional)
- Fixed Tray (Optional)
- Sliding Tray (Optional)
- Socket (Optional): 01 06-pin power socket 19 "-1U PP, 01MCB 30A-3000W
- 12 month warranty as standard manufacturers.