fixed tray for cabinet depth 600

Fixed tray for cabinet depth 600

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- Structure of products is vertical structure - Doors:CRack with 4 doors, 02 removable side doors , 02 front door and posterior door are mounted safe lock, front door is made by make or perforated. 
- Description: Our products are produced and packaged by plate steels with 1mm-1.5mm thick. 
- Cracks are consolidated steadily with cross-bars, 04 standard bars (2 front bars and 2 behind bars) are mounted vertically follow the height of Cracks. 
- Ensure aesthetic and ventilation for inside Crack equipment
- Accessories: 04 multi – directional wheels and fixed key (adjustable height) helping to remove and fix easily Cabinet 
- Standard: compatible with 19" EIA-310D standard equipment 
- Ability to adjust position of fitting connection 
- Installation: Supporting cable managing tray
- CRack Producer and Distributor: Products with brand name C-Rack (Cabinet Rack) are Viethantech Company, tested and registered trademark in Vietnam. CRack plays an important role in Data Center, IT room, Network room and Telecommunication room... Crack is not only equipment container but also the most effective and scientific equipment manager and protector. - Rack Cabinet and Accessories are produced in Viethantech with imported line of advanced technology. 
- Fan system ( Optional ) 
- Fixed tray ( Optional) 
- slipped tray ( Optional) 
- switches ( Optional) : 01 switch with 06 ports -1U PP, 01MCB 30A-3000W
- Warranty: 12 month (producer standard)