fixed tray for cabinet depth 600

Fixed tray for cabinet depth 600

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tray type sliding tray
Detailed description - Fixed tray is used to support those devices can not afford or are not comfortable with the jig directly onto the standard bar.
- Tray material is 1.5 mm thick steel plate and are punched 2mm to ensure ventilation and reduce the volume.
- Tray is hinged to the frame by four screws standards on both sides of the tray.
- Dimensions (WxHxD): According to the standard 1U (440x400 mm)
- Load the tray stand: 20 kg

- Dimensions (WxHxD): According to the standard 1U (440x400 mm)
- Load the tray stand: 60 kg

- 1U = 1.75 inches = 4.45cm
- Structural products are vertical structures
- Door System: Cabinets with 04 wings, two hip with removable wings, two front and rear wing mounted safety lock, front wings with mica or punched grids.
- Description: The product is packaged and produced by 1mm plate - 1.5 mm covered with powder coating ensures durability and resistance to rust.
- Cabinet certainly reinforced by braces 04, 04 standard bar (2 front, 2 rear) are installed along the height of the cabinet.
- Ensure the aesthetics and create ventilation for equipment in cabinets
- Accessories Cabinets: System 04 and 04 multi-directional wheel fixed key (Yes height adjustment) for portable and fixed cabinets
- Standard: Compatible devices standard 19 "EIA-310D
- The ability to adjust the position hinged connection
- Installation: Support the cable management tray
- Information on the manufacturer and product distribution cabinets: Products branded C-Rack® (Cabinnet Rack) are products of the company HAHUCO, has been inspected and licensed brands in Vietnam. Is the molecule C-Rack is an integral part of the management of data centers (Data Center), in the IT department and network rooms, telecommunication centers ... not merely the place of installation of related equipment C-Rack cabinet which also assumed the role of protecting and helping users manage the devices in a scientific manner most convenient for professional manipulation and household savings.
- All products and accessories line comes to C-Rack cabinets are manufactured in the company HAHUCO on advanced technology lines are imported from developed countries.
- System fan (Optional)
- Fixed Tray (Optional)
- Sliding Tray (Optional)
- Socket (Optional): 01 06-pin power socket 19 "-1U PP, 01MCB 30A-3000W
- 12 month warranty as standard manufacturers. - 1U = 1.75 inches = 4.45cm