Electronic equipment capable of biodegradable

The study of electronic devices capable of reducing biodegradable will be a large amount of electronic waste in the future, and will be a major advance in medicine when transplanted into the body of electronic circuits

Currently, mobile phones, computers and tablets are continuously launched innovative new products. Old electrical appliances can be recycled, but recycling rate is very low, the handling of e-waste is difficult and costly.

The researchers were aware that this issue will generate a volume of waste can not be recycled in the future giant. They are working to develop electronics that can control their entire life cycle, including the destruction of them.

In New Orleans in the US, researchers have created a kind of electronic circuits, the circuits they are implanted into the wound after surgery in mice. When the wound is sewn up and the circuit will accelerate the process of cell regeneration and wound healing.

After a few weeks, the electronic device was dissolved by the body fluids, should not need surgery again to remove them.

In Norway, SINTEF researchers have succeeded in making electrical circuits containing magnesium component is designed to transfer energy. It will dissolve in water and disappears after a few hours.
The circuit contains a small element is printed on a thin silicon wafers. It is very thin, only a few nanometers thick and this allows the dissolution process takes place more efficiently. A number of circuit elements is made of magnesium, another one made of silicon or silicon with magnesium additives.

A major challenge for the scientists is to make ultra-thin electronic circuit and found a protective coating wrapped around the circuit.

External coating must be compatible with the life cycle of electronic devices are used. For example, if the circuit packs are designed for use in air-sea sensors to take measurements from oil spills, the coating must exist to protect electronic circuits in a few weeks when the measurements be done. When external fluid intrusion into the coating, the circuit will start decomposing.

This research has achieved initial success and is continuing implementation to create electronic products environmentally friendly.

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